Thursday, January 31, 2013

Under the weather...AGAIN!

While I am now feeling much better, this morning I was not brilliant.  While this episode didn't last quite as long it was accompanied by cramping so I decided not to go on the boat trip to Bamboo island.  I am so disappointed as I was so looking forward to it.  Luckily there is a boat trip to an island in my immediate future though.  Just a different island!!!  And not sure what day it will be!

Once I was feeling a bit more, ahem....settled...I decided to walk down to Seredipity Beach.  I bought a few bits and pieces along the way (small is the name of the game with my luggage...)   I was able to see the hotels I had been thinking of staying at and while they were nice (with the waves crashing below) I am glad I opted for Kep.   Having been down in the area last night it is very noisy. Lots of partying, fire crackers going off, loud music, etc.   While there I had a leg and foot massage for five dollars.  I am getting used to these cheap massages.  I do draw the line at manicures and pedicures though as not sure how often their equipment is cleaned!!!  This foot massage took place inches away from the ocean while sitting on a deck with a cold drink (pop) in my hand.  Ah, bliss!!!

Speaking of last was Lee's birthday last night so we went out - well all but two of us.  We went to a BBQ place on the beach.  I had BBQ barracuda, prawns and squid.  Delicious.  Everyone else was fine today so don't think it was the food that caused me the extra action.  It could be getting used to the malaria meds which I started almost a week ago.  Who knows....Anyway it was exquisite sitting on the beach having a few drinks and a good meal and squishing my feet into the sand.

Being as it is my last night we are off again for dinner tonight.  The rest head back to Phnom Penh tomorrow then off to their various homes the next day.  I am off to Kep - Tydah got me my bus ticket for 7 dollars.  They will pick me up tomorrow at 11 and we leave at 11:30 so I assume I get dropped at the bus station although it is a mini bus.  Sounds like they will drop me at Kep Lodge as well.  Cannot complain for that price. 

Off to the next adventure!!!  I am looking forward to five lazy days doing my own thing in my little bungalow. 

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