Monday, February 18, 2013

A Cooking Class

Okay here I sit at 2 a.m. wide awake...jeg lag you suck!!!  Funny how it works - last night I slept for 11 hours which is unheard of.  Tonight I am wide awake.  So instead of wildly making plans for new trips (you have no idea...) I decided to carry on talking about Cambodia. 

While in Battambang I attended a cooking class.  This was a first for me...I do enjoy cooking WHEN I AM IN THE MOOD... while I have thought about attending cooking classes I have never done so. This was an option that our whole group signed up for.  Worth every penny of the $10 fee. 

The class started with a trip to the local market where we purchased the items needed for our class....if you have a weak stomach don't look too closely.  Let's just say our fish were VERY fresh....

We then carried on in our tuk tuks to the family's home where the class was held.   We got all ready in our chef's outfits!!

The chopping and peeling started - we were all given assorted vegetables to prepare.  The menu?  Chicken curry, fish amok and fresh spring rolls.  

Don't we all look cute in our hats?  All ready to slice and dice!!! 

The chicken curry cooking starts in earnest...

The chicken curry was delicious if I say so myself!!!!  Six of us cooked the curry and the other six cooked the amok when we were finished eating the while the amok was cooking I was entertained with this crew...

I climbed into the tuk tuk with them and enjoyed what was to become the first of a few Angkor beers during my time in Cambodia.  I am not a beer drinker but those Angkor (and Cambodia) beers went down nicely. 

The amok was delicious.  We all put one together with our own signature on it - trouble was a few of us couldn't find our own so we said to hell with it and grabbed whatever!!!  Those are little banana leaf parcels....this one looks similar to the one I made...pretty wonky!!!  Mine had an L made from the red pepper but oh well X marks the spot!!! 

We then made fresh Spring rolls.  Which was fun as earlier that day we had seen how the rice wrappers were made.  

Delish!!!!!!  (I had already eaten one at this point....:) 

We were sent home with a complimentary recipe book of all the dishes we had made plus whether I will use it is a big question but I am so glad I have it.  What a great evening and one we talked about for the rest of the tour.  I will definitely attend cooking classes while traveling in the future. 

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