Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adjusting to life at home

Well I feel like I have been living in a bubble for a few days now.  I haven't felt too well since I've been home so have been laying low.  I have my usual post-flight cold as well as the bug I picked up that makes me feel sick to my stomach from time to time.  I haven't even phoned friends for a chat as did not have the energy to talk about my trip.  Instead I've been having marathon sessions of "Coronation Street" on my DVR as well as watching "The Closer".  Oh well, sometimes it's good to relax and recuperate.  I will get out there eventually and back to my busy life; no worries.  In fact, dare I say it... I am enjoying being a total sloth!!! 

Is having a bug and feeling like hell worth the trip?  Every minute!

I would dearly love to return to Singapore - four days was not nearly enough.  I think I will try for a week next time I go.  As long as I can find a cheaper place to stay - definitely airbnb next time.   I could not afford a week in the Yellow Submarine that is for sure.  Singapore can be on the way to somewhere else - like Malaysia (I have been vowing to return to Penang since 1990) and Indonesia. 

Cambodia?  Probably not...although never say never.  It's not that I didn't adore Cambodia - I did.  However when you are 60 you really have to pick and choose where you want to visit and I still have quite a list of new places to go.  If I was in my 30's or 40''s I would say for sure I would return. 

My brief stop in Japan made me want to return - I was there for four about four days in March of 1977...a ridiculously short visit and I would love to explore more of that country. 

However no plans to return to SE Asia for the next couple of years.  This autumn will be a return to my beloved UK and hopefully a visit to Iceland.  Nothing booked yet but it is in the works. Things should start coming together next week.  I need to get bills paid from this trip.  BORING but necessary.  However sick puppy that I am...I have already started looking into Icelandic air's flight schedule. 

However I can officially say at this moment in time I have no trips booked...nada...nothing.  For Restless Prairie Girl this is VERY unusual!!! And not a pleasant thought! 

I will be writing more on my trip complete with photos once I am feeling a bit more energetic. Instead of relaying what I did in a day I will focus on one experience like our cooking class or riding the Bamboo train.  Stay tuned!

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