Death of a King

The former King/Prince/Prime Minister/President (take your pick, he was all of the previous) died in October of last year and his funeral is now taking place.  They had to wait 100 days which is a tradition.  It is on pretty well every channel here so I am watching even if I can't understand what is being said.  The dancing is nice!!!  It is a three day affair - this is day three. 

It is being held at the palace which is very near to my hotel in Phnom Penh.  As in across the street.  We heard and saw preparations being done at the palace; one evening the air was thick with smoke from whatever they were doing. 

People are grieving but not everybody....he was cozy with the Khmer Rouge (more on that in another post) and for that he will never be forgiven by some people.  He ended up under house arrest but survived.  His past is too complicated to even go into. John, a fellow I talked to on the plane from Singapore says that the only people who grieve are the older people who remember what he did before and the young people who were not around in the 70's. 

The ceremonies are taking place here - everything was closed off when I was there.