Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Goodbye Kep

The bill is paid and I am pretty well packed up.  Sad to say goodbye but it's off to Phnom Penh on the bus tomorrow morning at 8:30.  The relaxation in this beautiful place is over and it's back to busy cities for the next five nights. 

I will get up extra early tomorrow so I can sit outside and relax one last time on my sofa....

Sandra came over today - she had heard me talk about Kep Lodge so came for lunch but had no idea I would be here.  I had been in the pool and had ordered lunch.  So she ordered lunch and we had a good visit.  We may have a meal together in Phnom Penh - I told her about my guest house so not sure if she will stay there or not. Nice to meet up with another solo traveler who is so darn adventurous.  People think I am brave?  Nope, not at all - I am a chicken shit compared to Sandra.

Anyway it's been fun to hang out a bit with Sandra and compare notes.  I definitely want to see more of Thailand and help out at the dog sanctuary on Phuket Island so was getting hints from her.  And no group tours in Thailand - I will do it on my own. 

Tonight I walked over to the Sailing Club again and ordered a drink called Snake in your swimsuit - it was good!!!  I sat at a table on the beach.  Very romantic actually - hey I can be romantic with myself..why not.  I ordered shrimp in green pepper sauce and it was delish.  The sunset was good but not as good as last time.  I still enjoyed it though and got a tuk tuk back here. 

I've already gotten a reminder from Tiger Airways of my flight to Singapore on Saturday so my time in Cambodia is quickly coming to an end.

My last sleep under a mosquito net for who knows how long....

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