Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy New Year from Singapore

I will try to put a positive spin on this post but hard to when you feel like hell.  Yes, I am sick AGAIN.  Well the two previous times were just a bit of the runs and feeling a bit off  - this is not feeling well at all as in no appetite and feeling like I could throw up every waking minute.  Not to mention exhaustion - thank goodness the headache and sore throat are gone for now.  But what can you do...these things happen. 

I had breakfast this morning - could not do it justice.  They really do put on a nice one here.  That is the tragedy...Singapore is a foodie's paradise. I still live in hope I can try some havinese chicken with rice tomorrow which is a speciality here.  We shall see....

My room is fabulous - absolutely love it.  The central point of the room is the bed which is where I am now.  It's unique and different which is why I love it. 

Here are some pictures.  I did go out today but don't have the energy to talk about it sad to say.  I just hope I feel okay for the very long trip home.  Between feeling like shit and the horrid torrential rain very very disappointing.   On the bright side hopefully I lose some weight - have to look at the positive side of things!!! 

Long and narrow.  I may try out the tub tonight!!!



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