I lived in a Yellow Submarine!

I had shared with you on my blog a few months back that I had booked the Yellow Submarine room at the Wanderlust hotel in Singapore.

I enjoyed it so much and it was probably one of the most unique hotels I've ever stayed in - if not the most unique.  What a lovely comfortable bed!!   The bed was also central control - TV, lights - everything was controlled from the bed.    The bathroom had it's own glass "pod" and so did the toilet.   I had read in the reviews on Trip Advisor that some people thought there wasn't enough room but my suitcase fit into the clothes cupboard and bits and pieces fitted along the thin counter under the windows.  To complete the room -  a wonderfully huge claw footed tub which I thoroughly enjoyed one evening. 

Shower was closest to the bed rather than the toilet which I found a bit odd. 

As you can tell I had been happily lounging on my bed.

Everything yellow!!! 

I am glad I chose to stay at the end of my trip and not the beginning.  I would not want to be too tired and jetlagged accidentally step off the bed and miss the two steps - instant broken leg!!  It was quite a drop. 

Breakfast was included which consisted of a complimentary breakfast buffet with breads, cereals, fresh juice, coffee, yogurt and apples and oranges.  As well you could choose from one of three breakfast entrees.  One morning I chose the pancakes with maple bacon and the other day an English breakfast with bacon, eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, etc.   The other entree was a bowl of fresh tropical fruit enfused with honey - yes I was sorely tempted with that one too...as well you were given a warm croissant or pain au chocolate. The first morning we were given both and the second day we had to make a choice.  Unfortunately the first morning I was still not feeling well so did not really do the wonderful breakfast justice however I made up for it the second morning! 

Nespresso machine, Ipod dock  - my iphone fit in there but would not play so guess ipod only?

The colourful hallway on the second floor - my room is at the end.  Every room was brightly coloured with a theme!!! 

I also had a Nespresso machine in my room with complimentary coffee so I fixed myself an espresso a couple of times.  Fun!  Also there was free access to the mini bar with unlimited bottles of water and coke...no booze unfortunately!!

I guess the only downside was the noise.  The hotel is situated on Dickson Street in Little India.  I was there on the weekend when hundreds or thousands? of Indian men congregate and party it up.  They come from all over Singapore and Malaysia for a little taste of "home" at the weekend.  When the taxi pulled into the area the taxi driver told me that a lot of Indian men come to Little India for the weekend and it's very noisy.  No kidding!  The hotel had a pair of earplugs beside the bed for me with a note apologizing for the noise!!!   It was "interesting" walking to the MRT in the morning with drunk men passed out in doorways and lurking around corners.  If I ever stayed at the Wanderlust Hotel again or anywhere in Little India for that matter I would avoid the weekend....those men know how to party!!! 

That said, I did enjoy Little India.  I called it "India Light".  You had the food and the atmosphere and the Indian people but not the begging, filth or cows wandering in the road!!!  It is the most colourful and ethnic part of Singapore that I have seen anyway.  Definitely a must see in Singapore!!! 

I guess my only complaint would be that the room had no bar soap.  No biggie - they had complimentary shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.  I do like a bar of soap rather than shower gel though.  Oh well, I lived!!!

It was NOT cheap but a lovely splurge. Perhaps people used to large rooms would have been disappointed (good luck finding a large room in Singapore!) but when you travel cheap like I do this was a real treat and I felt like I was in the lap of luxury. 

I was in one of the Pantone rooms on the second floor - the prices go up as you go higher - there is a treehouse room on the fourth floor!!!  The Yellow Submarine room was $10 SD more than the other Pantone rooms but being a Beatles fanatic I just had to stay in it!!!   I video taped the Yellow Submarine neon sign as I sang "Yellow Submarine" but I will spare you the video!!!

I highly recommend this hotel if you are looking for something different.