Sunday, February 3, 2013

Morning musings

Well here I sit on my sofa on my balcony listening to the sounds of the jungle.  All kinds of birds calling, the odd gecko calling out a mating plea - the other night I could swear a bird was screeching "f*ck you over and over again...really!!!!   So far no screeching from the pool.  It was terrible yesterday with so many people.  Unfortunately they let people who buy meal/drinks here come and use the pool which resulted in two Italian families with unruly children dominate the pool yesterday.  Luckily I got in there while they were in the restaurant.  The one kid was screaming the place down and I resisted the urge to kick him in the backside as I passed around him (he was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk having a melt down) - believe me it was a tough thing to resist.  They were here for hours.  I guess if I was smart I would go in the pool now while it is quiet but just too early for a dip.  Not that it isn't warm but I prefer my dip in the afternoon to cool off.  Sitting on my shaded balcony it is lovely right now.   Then last night while I was having dinner two young couples asked to use the pool and said they would buy drinks.  They were louder than the kids - screaming and yelling.  Two young women who were using the pool as well scurried up to the restaurant.   I had such an interesting conversation with them - such adventurous young women.  Unfortunately they had rented a scooter in Vietnam and had had an accident.  One had a cane and several stitches on her leg.  The other one had some scary looking scratches. Undaunted, they were off to explore Cambodia - after three weeks of Cambodia the Australian gal will be heading back to Oz  and her French friend was off to Thailand then Japan to meet up with friends, off to the west coast of the US then down to Peru then finally back to Paris.  They met up in London years ago when they both worked there - they are in love with London too!!  It was so much fun to talk to them.  I wish I had been that adventurous at that age but of course Cambodia was not an option - nor was Vietnam..back then.  I guess I've done enough adventures and hopefully many more!!!

I do find the evenings long so go to bed early which means I am up early.  Which then means I am tired early.  Oh well, this time of my holiday is about rest.

This morning I booked my trip to Rabbit Island tomorrow - I will get picked up at 8:30 and spend the day on the island lazing in the sun, having some seafood and doing some walking along the beach.  I also booked my ticket to Phnom Penh on Thursday while I was at reception and my bus leaves at 8:30 so I should be in by early afternoon.   I resisted the 7 a.m. departure!!!  This way I can have breakfast before I leave.  But I don't want to talk of leaving here just yet.  The days are flying by.


Dena said...

I am watching live on the pool web cam. It looks so peaceful there right now. Go and stand by the first white umbrella and wave before I can't pick you out in the crowd!

Laurie said...

oh missed your comment - darn!!!

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