Destination of the week - Santa Monica, California!

As I look out the window at this dull cold (will Spring ever get here?) Sunday morning my thoughts can't help but turn to warm sunny holidays.  One of my favourite places without a doubt is Southern California.  Would I want to live there?  No thanks but it is sure fun to visit.  This week I will highlight one of my favourite places to stay. 

I stayed in Santa Monica at the end of a couple of weeks in California in the fall of 2007.   The HI-Santa Monica was fantastic.  Clean and had everything I wanted AND two blocks from the beach!  I would stay there again in a heartbeat.

One of the highlights?  Heading over to Jinky's Cafe for breakfast the first morning and while enjoying my delicious pumpkin pancakes who walks in but Ron Howard!!!  Okay George Clooney would have been WAY more exciting but I will take whatever Hollywood star I can get.  I was certain it was him and a quick internet search back at the hotel confirmed it.  And my stay there just got better and better!!!  At the end of my stay I took the blue bus off to LAX and back home.

Santa Monica...I really really like you and I'll be back!!!  Enjoy my time in Santa Monica through, as always, through my pictures....

Santa Monica Pier

On the pier

Some "cool" California kids
Multi-purpose trail between Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Venice Beach - you see everything here!!!

Another view of Venice Beach

Another killer California sunset