Sunday, March 31, 2013

Destination of the Week (again!) - Charleston, South Carolina

I visited the Southern U.S. for the first time in early 2008.  I headed south on the Greyhound - or the "hound" as I like to call it.and had a six week Greyhound Discovery pass which was the second time I had done this. I had done it previously in Sept/Oct of 05 which I called my "Rock and Roll Groupie tour" due to the amount of concerts I went to - I discovered I liked it so planned another long holiday.  Sadly the Discovery Pass is no more and not only that but they have terminated the Winnipeg link to the U.S. which means I now have to go to either Vancouver or Toronto to hound it to the U.S.   I am glad I took advantage of it however and I had a wonderful trip heading down from Canada to as far as Alabama and northern Florida doing lots of visiting, walking and eating!  I managed to sneak in a trip to Costa Rica (previous post) on that trip as well!  

I made my long time friend Linda's new home in Wilmington, North Carolina my base and traveled from there.  While in Wilmington Linda, her husband, daughter Sarah and myself drove down for a weekend in Charleston, South Carolina and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I hope there is another visit to Charleston in my future and I hope to do the 10km walk there as well.  You can always see more on a good long walk!!!

Custom House

Fancy Ravenel bridge on the Cooper river which connects Charleston and Mount Pleasant.  it is the third largest cable stayed  bridge in the western hemisphere.   8 lanes!!!

Pralines - oh yeah!!!

Peek into a gracious downtown hotel lobby.

Charleston waterfront

One of many beautiful homes in the area.

Now that's a big one!!

The owner was outside so I had to ask him - turns out he is the (now retired) owner of the Piggly Wiggly grocery stores in the south!!! 


My name is Andrea said...

I've always wondered what a praline looks like (well, other than in my Baskin Robbins ice cream cone LOL!) Is it like a cookie? YUM!

Laurie said...

Hi Andrea...they are a cross between a cookie and candy is the only way I can describe them...looks like a cookie, consistency of candy...pure sugar. Oh yum!!! Makes me want to head back south!!!

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