Destination of the week - Manual Antonio Park, Costa Rica

Well being as I have missed a few there may be a couple of these 'destinations of the week' catch ups happening this just never know...

One of my favourite travel bloggers A Dangerous Business posted pictures from Manuel Antonio national park recently and it got me thinking of my two trips there.

The first one was at the very end of 2002 - I went to Costa Rica at Christmas/New Years with my sister and niece for two weeks and we spent a few days at a B and B in Quepos.   The second trip was in January 2008 with my friend Pat of Steppin Out of my Shoes.   The pictures below will be of the January 2008 trip because well I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like digging out the first Costa Rican trip's photo album from my disaster of a storage room.  So these pictures will be taken from a day trip to Manuel Antonio park.  Manuel Antonio National Park is 132 km from the capital city of San Jose and has 109 species of animals and 184 species of birds.  It is pure paradise. Enjoy!!!

One of the beautiful beaches in the park.

Howler monkey way up in the trees

Our tour guide ended the park tour at a real estate place that had nonstop monkeys.

The beaches are the most beautiful I've seen in the world - and warm like bath water!

A monkey we encountered on the trail

If you leave the park after the tide comes in you must either wade through waist deep water or take a boat - we opted for the boat!!!

Vendors outside the park.

One of the many stray dogs -  I could not resist that face and I quietly gave her some of my meal.