Scotland here I come!

Well my next biggie will be to the United Kingdom in early September into October.  I am so excited!!  The highlight?  Walking the Great Glen Way in Scotland - a 78 mile route between Fort William and Inverness.  My first long distance walking path!!!  A friend of mine who is a travel agent is arranging this for us and the booking forms have been faxed in - it will hit the old credit card soon if it hasn't already.  (we are looking for more walkers so it you are interested leave me a comment and I will send you the info! So far there are four of us booked) We will be staying in guest houses along the way and having our luggage moved from place to place for us so all we have to worry about is getting our bodies from A to B.  Easier said than done - ha!!  The shortest day is 8 miles and the longest (which happens to be the last day) is 18 miles.  Yowsa!!!  Lots of training this Spring and Summer that is for sure.  Of course my handy dandy little netbook will be coming along (although it will be banished to the luggage in the van and not my day pack thank you very much) so I will be blogging each evening - if I am conscious - or not hammered. ( I am predicting a great amount of time spent in pubs!!) 

And...I plan to buy a  WATERPROOF camera!!!!!  My beloved Nikon will be coming along of course but safely tucked away. 

Some of the stunning scenery along the way - however I am not naive folks ...I anticipate the skies will NOT be blue!!!  It's Scotland after all.

I do plan to visit England as well.  Not a long time in London this time but hopefully there are many more trips to London in my future... I want to take advantage of being in England in better weather to do more exploration of the country side.  And perhaps another walking path - or at least part of one...Hopefully a visit to the rellys in Yorkshire as well as trips in the SE and SW of England.  I will be seeing some friends over there as well of course.  I am hoping for Iceland if the flights work out for me. (My goal for the next five years is to visit two new countries every least....) And aiming for Thanksgiving with my family in Toronto on the way home!  It all needs working out but now that I have the dates for our walk I can work from there.  (rubbing hands together gleefully...nothing I love better than planning trips!  oh did I travel for nearly twenty years without you...but I somehow did...)

It looks like I will be spending months at home - the first trip at this point will be to a family wedding in Alberta in early August which I plan on turning into a one week road trip - stopping to walk along the way. 

However with me, never say never - what I anticipate at the beginning of the year isn't what usually happens!!! 

I am looking forward to being at home in May for a change - I am usually off on a holiday at that time as we always have our walking convention then...this year no walking convention which makes a nice change I must say.  

Stay tuned!!!