Friday, April 26, 2013

I think Spring has finally arrived!!!

The weather is finally changing...for the better.  It has been a horrific Winter and Spring.  Let's see...the most snowfall in the winter EVER and the coldest Spring since 1899......oh yes, it's been fun. I was so very lucky to get away for four weeks...I am very grateful for that but then again I worked hard, saved and made it happen.

It's Spring in my heart anyway....Paul McCartney (my hero!) is coming to Regina in mid August and yesterday I managed to snag a third row centre seat...closest I've ever been.  They came at a premium price but it's once in a lifetime for me.  I got a Hot Sound Package which could pay for a return trip to England (in high season) but who cares....I am happy.  I get to attend the sound check as well as other little bonuses.  I am absolutely thrilled to bits.   On top of all the other things going on in my life at the moment it means tightening my belt (a bit painful when you are chubby like me!) and watching every penny but it will all be worth it. 

I am home bound until early August when I head to Alberta for a family wedding and make a one week road trip out of it.  That is almost six months at home...unheard of for me!!!!  Lots going on though and I will be updating the blog with what I am up to and memories of old trips as well.  At the moment I have very itchy feet and it is torture to not be out exploring the world.  However with the warmer weather I will be out and about more and that will certainly help. 

My trip to the UK is all booked.  I fly out to Glasgow via Icelandic air on September 4th.  I will spend time in Glasgow - a city I have never explored - have only ever seen the train station.  I hope to do the 10km walk there as well as do a day trip out to the highlands.  We start our six day walk along the Great Glen Way September 10th after a steam train ride to Mallaig the day before.  After that off to Edinburgh for a couple of days then down to Whitby in Yorkshire for a long weekend.  Then things get a bit fuzzy...I will probably be spending two or three days in Sussex visiting a couple of friends and hopefully an overnight trip to the Cotswolds.  Then time in my beloved London...sadly not enough time but it will have to do for now.  On October 7th I fly to Iceland where I will spend four nights. After taking a few day trips into the countryside and exploring Reykjavik I am off to Toronto where I will spend Thanksgiving weekend with my sister and niece.  Always great to spend time with family. Then home on the 14th.  Doesn't it sound amazing?!!  I am so excited!!!

May and June will be fun with family and friends coming to town to visit as well as concerts, festivals, etc.  I will keep busy!!  Stay turned and enjoy the Spring weather!!! 

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