Monday, May 6, 2013

Destination of the week....Petra, Jordan.

I visited Petra while on a two week small group adventure of Egypt and Jordan in early 2009.  For those who are not familiar with Petra here is a blurb from Wikpedia.  They explain it a lot better than I could!! 

I can't even begin to describe how beautiful Petra (aptly named the "Rose City") is so once again I will let my pictures tell the story...

Near the entrance of Petra - the holes are entrances to caves that the Bedouins lived in.

Entrace to the siq which leads to the Treasury

You can ride a horse or take a buggy in Petra - or use shank's pony. (your feet!)

A peek...

Almost there!

Isn't it amazing? The Treasury!

Not sure if this picture was meant to turn out this way - at first was upset but now it's kind of cool...

More caves/homes

A refreshing glass of hot fresh  mint tea.  A "must" in Petra!

beautiful floor tiles

about as close to the edge as I dared to go!  The Petra complex is HUGE - you would need days to see it all.

lots of camels around!

and stray dogs and donkeys....

saying goodbye to the Treasury.

they were going at quite the clip!


Petra was one of the definite highlights of my trip to the Middle East.  Would I go back?  Never say never...

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