Saturday, July 27, 2013

Destination of the Week - London...again!!!

Okay it's a little weird to be posting pictures of London in winter when it's summer outside but it's my blog!  I am feeling very homesick for London - two months and one day from today I return but for today I will relive my last trip there.   I realize I did not share any of my photos while there as the internet was a bit wonky.  As everyone who knows me or reads this blog knows I am totally and hopelessly in love with London.  And it's a love that keeps getting stronger all the time.  As far as I am concerned London just keeps getting better and better....for the most part that is...and I can tell you the best thing they ever did was get rid of the waxy toilet paper they used to have in public toilets in the 70's and 80's.  OUCH!!! 

So here's a blast from the past...well January of 2012 anyway...

This was in the city near the Tower of London - a parking meter executioner!

Borough market

Yummy root veggies at Borough Market

Skating rink by the Natural History Museum

Serpentine in Hyde Park

Creepy statue in Hyde Park

The famous Beigel Bake in Brick Lane

Street art Brick Lane

Street Art Brick Lane

Street Art Brick Lane

Love an outside Book market in winter

Red telephone boxes are harder to find now with the advent of mobile phones.

Tragalgar Square

Horse guard outside Whitehall - I was the only tourist there at the time.  Unheard of!

Big Ben

The London Eye

Trafalgar Square at night

St James Park resident...not sure what it is!

Alexandra Park

Outside a flower shop in Chelsea

Near Chelsea Pensioners home

My London bed and breakfast in Hampstead Garden Suburb

Flowers in January!

Across the street from Trafalgar Square on a dismal day

On Camden High Street near the market

Ice sculpture festival, Canary Wharf

Ice sculpture festival, Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf

Skating rink Canary Wharf

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