Gettin' ready to road trip solo!

Yep, this time next week I will be cruising the open road to southern Alberta.  Destination:  Lethbridge for a family wedding.  I will be gone a week.  After the wedding I  plan to drive around Southern Alberta finding every hill I can find to do some hill training for Scotland.   I know where I will be staying each night but during the day where will I go?  Who knows?  I am going to leave that up to the weather and my moods. Friday will be a straight through drive to Lethbridge (with perhaps a short walk in Medicine Hat to stretch my legs).  Family obligations will no doubt keep me busy until Sunday evening (although I do plan to go for a long walk every morning!) but Monday morning I plan do some exploring.   I am quite excited with a bit of nervousness thrown in as well.  For all my traveling around the world I don't have a lot of experience with road trips on my own.   I think the furthest I have driven on my own in one go was in Newfoundland - probably four hours or so.  This is longer.  Road trips are not my favourite way to travel.....I trust an airline pilot much more than I trust the other drivers on the road.  It will be nice however to stop the car when I want to take photographs.  I think this will be so good for me and who knows maybe I will be all set to plan more solo road trips when I get home. 

I am hoping to go mad with my photography... and I am hoping NOT to see any rattle snakes....I will be walking the coulees and they like the coulees....needless to say I will be wearing my hiking boots. 

I've booked a couple of bed and breakfasts which will be fun.  One is on a farm near Swift Current...which is my parents "stomping grounds". 

I am busy picking out the CD's I will be blasting as I cruise along the highway - now Sirius radio would be really nice too....always fun to see what kind of rental car they give me.

I hope to blog along the way so stay tuned for my adventures!!!!