Yes I have been keeping this one under my hat...I am off to Ottawa tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. (groan...) for almost five days.   It will be good to be back on the road again...everything is pretty well packed up and ready to go.  It's been four months and 20 days since I've been on an airplane (but who's counting) so am dying to get on that big bird and get the h*ll out of dodge...

Due to lack of accessible internet at my friends' place I won't be blogging while I am away unless it's a real quickie.  I will blog next weekend and catch you up on all the gorey details then. ...Just taking my iphone but no computer.  Eek.   A "digital detox".  It will be good for me. 

I lucked out with Air Canada Aeroplan and was able to get a direct flight both ways - yippee!!!  On the road again!