Bison and eagles

Well I haven't blogged in a couple of days as it's been hectic and my netbook is not behaving itself at all....anyway I have been having an absolutely wonderful time.

The wedding was lovely and Becky the bride was absolutely beautiful.  We danced to the oldies and all had a pretty good time.  The next morning I drove to the tourist centre and did a little bit of a walk but not far as had sandals on.  I did get a closer view of the railway bridge. I then drove to  Henderson Lake and sat and enjoyed the sunshine..I was feeling a bit too..ahem...fragile to walk.  I then went over to my cousin's place and she had prepared a wonderful brunch - hash brown casserole, an egg casserole, sausages, bacon, muffins, etc.  And momosas!!  We had a good visit and Becky and Jon opened their gifts.  I then went to the Galt museum which was interesting.  I had been given a half price voucher at Fort Whoop Up so for three dollars the price was right.  I love history so I enjoyed it and this was the history of Lethbridge.

Stunning view from behind the Galt museum

World's largest cowboy boot?

Weather vanes!

 From there I drove over to the hall and helped Joanne and Jerrold "undecorated" the hall.  I undid a lot of sashes off of chairs!!!  I was glad to help.  Then Joanne invited me over for a steak BBQ with potatoes and salad which was delish.  And homemade chocolate ice cream for dessert.  Honestly that girl is something else.  A credit to her fabulous mom - my beloved Auntie Marge.  They are off on a holiday tomorrow and I am so glad she is getting away and having a break.

This morning after checking out of the Days Inn I headed west to Smashed Head In Buffalo Jump which was so good....I enjoyed it thoroughly.  It is a place where the Indians drove the bison (correct term)  over a cliff to their deaths.  Sounds gruesome I know but these animals provided food, clothing, tools, etc.  They lived off the buffalo and then the white man came along and hunted the bison to near extinction for it's hide.  This site was fabulous with so much information.  There were also a couple of hiking trails.  I didn't finish the lower one but did go as far as the kill site.  There had been a bear sighting last month - well last month was only five days ago.  There were warnings all over the place.  Luckily lots of people out!  I'd highly recommend this place - so glad I got to see it.

This is the actual jump where the Buffalo went over.

I then hopped back into the Fiesta and off I headed east and stopped at the Alberta Birds of Prey centre - it was a last minute decision and so glad I went.  The highlight?  Being able to pet a Golden Eagle named Liberty and have my picture taken with her.  She was found in a ditch by a woman who brought her in to the centre (Liberty was riding in the backseat like a passenger).  The poor thing had been shot with pellets and is permanently blind.  She loves to be petted and is very affectionate.  Her handler said I could put my nose up to hers..I was little hesitant over that one.  I may not have the most attractive face in town but I would like to keep it!!!  We also saw a Bald Eagle (by the name of Lincoln!)  flying and then the kids got to spray him down which he loved.  I got a bit (a bit?) miffed as there were some gorgeous white ducks and kids were chasing them - as in very aggressively.  I got really bent out of shape esp. as their idiotic parents were taking pictures and thought it was cute.  Chasing a bird so that it is running and slipping on rocks to get into the water in it's haste to get away is not cute.  So I walked around muttering to myself about stupid children and their even stupider parents.

The geese before the mayhem started.

Lincoln, the bald eagle

Lincoln looks very pissed off but he actually enjoys having his showers and can't get enough.

Getting close and personal with Liberty - her trainer kept saying "don't lean back". 

Back in the car with another stop at Bow Island for a potty stop at the tourist centre (which sounds rather grand - more like a trailer) and a Saskatoon Berry ice cream cone.  (yum!)  I stopped the car along the way and got some awesome prairie shots which I will post on here when I get home. 

Into Medicine Hat where I proceeded to get a bit misplaced.  I went to the tourist centre where I got a map (!!!) and other info and the girl was quite impressed I was staying two nights here.  I drove over to the world's larges tipi.   I had a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake cafĂ©;  grilled veggie sandwich, sweet potato fries and a Caesar salad. 

Then to my bed and breakfast which looks like it will suit me just fine.  It is a family home and quite comfortable.  

Tomorrow...I plan to walk my socks off!!!