Cowboys and Indians

I have decided to call this trip the Cowboys and Indians trip as there has been a lot of both - the culture that is.

I had a great day today - went for a LONG walk.  I can truly say my boots are broken in!  I am not sure how far I walked - 18 km?   I walked over to the world's largest tipi which was about a 20 minute walk from here then down the hill into Kin Coulee and on to downtown.  I walked around a bit then on to the start point for the walks and back through Kin Coulee and up the hill and back here.  I left at 9:15 and was back by 4.  I did stop a few times though.  I enjoyed myself. 
World's largest tipi

Huge chess set, downtown Medicine Hat

Bleeding hearts or broken Hearts?

Loved the way they painted their utility casings

Beautiful stonework in Veterans Park

Breakfast this morning was poached eggs on zucchini and tomatoes with spices and toast - homemade bread with home made cherry preserves. Yum. 
Tomorrow will be crepes with Saskatoon berry sauce - even better!!!  The Groves bed and breakfast is nice - a home style one - no pretentious "inn" and the price is right.  $115 for two nights. I will definitely come back here someday.  The couple who run it are friendly and helpful. 

I went to the golf course club house for supper as Gary at the B & B recommended it and it was really good - had a burger. 

Tonight I looked in a few stores and did buy some supplies for the UK trip.  However I am pretty tired I must admit.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring.  I am hoping to do another walk but depends how I feel.  I do want to head out to Swift Current about noon or so. 

Time for bed!!!