Saturday, August 10, 2013

Revisiting the past

I got up Wednesday morning and decided not to walk that morning - I was still worn out from the day before (it was a hot day for walking)  and hadn't slept well.   I had crepes with Saskatoon berry sauce on them and enjoyed visiting with a couple from Dawson Creek, B.C.  She was from Korea so she had some interesting tales to tell.  In the early 50's  her father traveled to South Korea to find work and a home for his pregnant wife - well the Korean war started and he was not able to go back.  So he had a wife and child in North Korea that he never saw again - it haunted him for the rest of his life.  So many others endured that as well.  I had never thought of how families were torn apart by the division of that country. 

I crossed the border back into Saskatchewan and had to stop for a picture...

Anyway off I headed to Speedy Creek with a quick stop in Maple Creek for coffee.  Thought this stop sign was cute!  Maple Creek is definitely in cowboy country!!

After arriving into Swift Current I headed to the library only to be told they didn't have telephone directories going back that far but directed me to the museum just off the highway.   There, a historian named Rachel was so much help to me and helped me locate the addresses of where my parents lived as well as the location of my grandparents (father's parents) graves.  So off I went.  First stop:  Heroin Heights.  Yep that's the nickname of the grand looking apartment where my grandparents and then my parents lived....then on to the place where my dad grew longer a big white house but a series of apartment blocks.   Oh well, things change.  I did find the graves I was looking for along with my dad's baby brother's grave alongside theirs- he died at age 9 months.  My grandfather died when my dad was 11 and while my grandmother died in 1970 she was distant and remote and I felt like I never knew her.. However I stood and paid my respects and simply said "thank you for my dad". However my mother's mom was awesome and I had the best grandma in the world...she was my best friend - so don't be feeling sorry for me!!  :) 

Anyway on to cheerier things - a quick small pizza for supper and then it was time to head out to the bed and breakfast which was near Wymark.  Oh boy!  I ended up on a gravel road...don't ask....I misread a sign as had to read it quickly with someone on my tail end.  Turned out it said Country Butchers not Country comfort.  Oh well I found it and got settled in. (short version)  Lots of critters...pigs, chickens, sheep, horses, cows (although I didn't see them), a bunny rabbit, lots of cats and a black lab named Rocky.   It was quite the experience.  Not a farm girl - never want to much as I love animals no thank you.  I do love living in the heart of the city but it was sure fun to be on a farm for one night.

Just so people think I don't I take pictures of cats.  I hate this colour of cat but all kittens are cute - if they only stayed kittens!!! 

This bathroom was almost as big as my living room! Not exactly roughing it!  My kinda farm!

Rocky the friendly lab

Loved this farm scene

The light of the sunset reflecting on the road

One little piggie

two little piggies or is it two and a half little piggies!

I was told their names...

Just another killer prairie sunset - enhanced by my camera's sunset mode!!! 

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