Friday, September 6, 2013

A busy 24 hours

I tried blogging last night but it didn't work too well.  Let's try it again! 

The flights over were pretty good - my luggage arrived.  Yay! I was a bit worried with going on two totally different airlines and a rather scatty ticket agent.  Icelandair was pretty good.  No meals included - just a pop or coffee with not even any nuts.  The friendly German-Canadian couple  next to me shared their nuts.  We were told before we got off in Reyjkavik that EVERYONE had to go through security.  Those that were going to the upper floor to get their flights had to go through passport control.  It was chaos with a whole plane load of people going through two security lineups and they were SLOW.  Not impressed.  The kicker...people staying in Iceland had to go through security as well....It was exciting to see Iceland - it was a lovely day as well.  I can't wait until I can explore it a bit in a few weeks.  Anyway made the flight and it left on time but I wonder if everyone made it....

The arrival into Glasgow was the roughest one I've  had yet...we hit the ground hard and then shimmied a bit.  Some people yelled as it was kind of scary - I really thought the pilot was losing control and we would spin, tip, whatever....when we slowed down I exchanged "whews" with the fellow next to me.  The first time we said anything to each other the whole flight!!!  The landing in Iceland wasn't too smooth either - Icelandair pilots sure do like to apply those brakes hard! 

I got the bus into the city and sat behind a lady who was so interesting.  I want to be like her in my 70's.  She mentioned she house and petsits and my antenna went right up.  She has done this in France, Spain, Australia and the UK.  Her daughter lives in the UK so she comes every year and does some petsitting as well - she was going on to France after the UK.  Wow.  That impressed me...I really want to do that in my future life when I decide to really retire for good. 

I got the subway to the West End but realized I was way too early so headed over to the Botanical Gardens.  Glagow was so sunny and warm yesterday...lovely.  I had a cream tea outside in the sun shine.  A fellow got up to leave and we started talking and then he got on the subject of Scotland being independent and gave me a website to look at.  Okay..what do I know, I know nothing about Scotland politically.  He was a bit tasty looking so I just sat and looked as he rabbited on. 

I then walked over to my airbnb home away from home and David was there to greet me.  It is a large two bedroom flat and my bedroom is comfy.  My view out the window is a lovely old church.  I do love the West End and am just off Byers Road which is full of shops, restaurants, etc.  And very close to the subway station.  And the price is right! 

I then headed out again to take advantage of the sunshine and walked over to the University of Glasgow which has some gorgeous old buildings. 

The flat where I am staying - I am on the second floor right above the door.
I then went wandered back wondering where I would go for my supper when I gave a cry of delight - a M & S Food store!  So I got my beloved prawn and mayonnaise sandwich as well as some cherry tomatoes and a tiny one serving block of old English cheddar.  Yum!   I then headed out again to the Botanical Garden which is just two blocks from my abode.  The sun was shining and I could not resist....

Finally...I had had enough.  I stopped off at the Glasgow library thinking I could do a quick update on my blog with easier typing however it blocked me...and on Facebook as well...I was too tired to deal with it so came home and finally crawled into bed about 7:30 p.m.  Earlier than I wanted to but it all turned out okay in the end!!! 

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