Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back by the sea

I'm happily ensconced in Eastbourne right now.  Eastbourne is a city of about 100,000 people situated on the English channel.  It is known as a place for the "mouldy oldies" to go but I picked it as a central base from which to explore.  The guest house I am in is situated on the main road that runs along the seafront and my tiny room has a small balcony from where I can see the sea. 

Today my friend Judi and I took a train to Rye which is an ancient town that is known for having gangs of smugglers.  Lots of beautiful old houses and the lovely cobbled Mermaid St.  I hadn't been there since 1981 so was well overdue. 

We also visited a local church, St. Mary's...


We then took a taxi to Winchelsea as we had just missed the bus.  I was blown away by St. Thomas the Martyr church there - I think mainly because it was partly ruins.

We had tea/coffee and cake at a lovely local farm shop and then headed back to Rye by bus.  Then train back to Eastbourne.  A great day. 

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