Friday, September 6, 2013

Exploring Glasgow on a 12 km walk

I confess I took a sleep aid pill as I knew I needed to have a good rest...and boy did I ever.  7:30 is still light so on went my "I am woman hear me snore" eye mask (bought in Cambodia at a NGO store -could not resist!) and my ear plugs.  And in came the land of nod.  I felt so good this morning.

I had a quick shower (felt so good!) then headed off.  The walk started at Queen Street station and from there headed towards Glasgow Cathedral.  It wasn't open yet so I wandered around until it was open.  It is the only church on the Scottish main land that wasn't destroyed in the reformation.  Very medieval looking inside.  I was interested in the architecture - I always feel weird visiting churches as I am not religious at all.  By now I was getting really hungry as I hadn't stopped for breakfast.  All I had seen was Starbucks and when I travel I like to eat at local establishments.  I was starting to get weak and a bit concerned but then I saw a side board advertising a coffee shop.  So I stopped and had a delicious coffee and an even better sausage in a bun with brown sauce.  It just hit the spot.   On I went and came across Ross St. so had to have my photo taken with the sign.  I saw a fellow with a woman and a baby so asked him to take my picture.  Well he took the camera and started running away with it - ha ha a joke but I must admit my heart did skip a beat!!  David told me typical Glaswegian joke.  I then carried on to the People's Palace where they had an interesting display of living conditions in Glasgow last century - not good.  Glasgow does not exactly have a glamorous image and was one of the poorest cities in Europe.  The economy is still not great.  Outside the People's Palace was a gorgeous terracotta fountain - the largest in the world.  I then went into Glasgow Green which was nice and ended up at the Tenement museum which was interesting but not exactly what I expected.  It was only one apartment and it was a rather higher working class person with their own bathroom.  I would have liked to have seen how a working class family with a lot of children lived.  However this was original as most of the furniture and artefacts were from the actual person who lived there - a single woman who had previously lived there with her mother.   The walk then headed downtown.  I found a place that sold outdoor stuff that was having a sale so got myself some waterproof pants.  And a new moisture wicking t-shirt - both for half price.  I was able to get my mobile phone reconnected which was good but my credit card would not work.  I was in a bit of a panic however it worked when I bought the clothes so not sure what to think....I told the bank. 

While it was dull and the sun only made a short appearance the rain held off until after I came in for the day. 

Glasgow has some fabulous architecture and I wish I had longer to explore the city however the walk did show me most of the highlights.  I got to visit areas of the city that not many tourists get to.

I then came back to the West End and went to a pub that was once a church.  I had a glass of wine and haggis, tatties and neaps with a mustard whiskey sauce.  (turnips and potatoes)  It was really good.

Back here to do a bit of stuff on the computer.  I picked up some things for breakfast tomorrow morning - yogurt, a banana and Scottish crumpets which look like pancakes!  I am in a van all day tomorrow so won't need much for breakfast. 


Gordon Bell said...

Glad you enjoy Glasgow its were my parents were born and raised. I don't personally like the town, probably because I went to boarding school in Edinburgh.

Enjoy your time over there.

Judy Danelley said...

I've wanted to visit Scotland ever since I worked for 5 years with a man who was from there (actually when I moved from Lorne St) He had such a great accent :-)

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