Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fun in the Fort

Well it's  been a few days since I've had a chance to blog with one thing and the other...so here I am again.  I will try to catch myself up since I posted on Saturday...

Sunday morning I walked over to Avenue G, a coffee shop that Syiniyi and David are fond of.  I had the eggs crocette with scones and "pour over" coffee.  It was good but not something I'd have again...the coffee was excellent though.  I am getting to like good coffee I must admit.  From there I went for a little walk around the area and got myself misplaced and had to be directed back to Byers Road!!  I enjoyed my little wander though.  I love the West End of Glasgow however and would definitely stay there again.  Syiniyi and David are a cute couple and David loved to chat so learned a lot about Glasgow and Glaswegians from him.  The flat was nice and my room was huge - I'd definitely stay there again if I return to Glasgow. 

I got my luggage and headed to the subway station and there was David waiting for me...I had left a connection for a memory card there.  So nice of him.  Anyway I got to Queen St. station, grabbed a cappuccino at Costa Coffee.  Turns out the others were sitting not far from me and I didn't even notice.  Anyway off we went to Fort William.  The four hour journey was made even longer by partiers on the train.  Luckily I had my MP3 player so listened to music and read as I was sitting on my own.  Upon arrival June and I took the luggage by taxi to the B and B which was out in the country then came back and  met the others.  We had a brief look around in the town then went to the Ben Nevis pub for supper.  I had three mini pies - beef, chicken and ham with mashed potatoes and leeks and cabbage.  And a beer....It was good although I could only get barely half way through my pint.  I am just not a beer drinker really; I prefer wine.  But being in Scotland I feel I should try the local sauce.

Back to the B & B  - we had all picked up tiny bottles of wine so we gathered in our triple room and drank our wine and visited. 

The next morning we had a breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast. (the others had tomato and beans but I like my beans steaming hot and I am awfully fussy about my tomatoes...)  Then off we went to the station, June and I dropped our luggage off at our new bed and breakfast.

The Jacobite steam train was great fun and the weather was lovely - we were so lucky.  If we didn't close the windows when we went through tunnels though we got speckles of coal all over the place!  It was such a beautiful journey - well it is supposed to be THE most beautiful railway journey in the world.  I did this trip once before in 1994 but it was on a normal train - not a steam powered one.  Here are a few of the photos I took along the way....

Shovelling coal at Mallaig

Glenfinnan Viaduct - used in Harry Potter movies but I saw it before the hype!!

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