Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Great Glen Way - Day 2

This morning after another full Scottish breakfast - complete with black pudding - my first and last thank you very much.  Two bites were enough!!!  - we got a ride back to Gairlochy and off we went in the rain.  I got to test out my new rain pants I got in Glasgow for half price.  They performed well.  We walked through a beautiful forest and beside Loch Lochy. (yep that's it's name!!)  Today's walk was hillier than yesterday although much worse is to come!  The forest trail was lovely and the air so fresh...even better when it stopped raining.  We walked along the Loch for most of the time although the vegetation was so lush we couldn't see it for a lot of the time.  We walked mostly along a gravel road that was undulating up and down although like I said not too bad.  Gorgeous streams and little waterfalls - moss in between the towering pines.  It was like a fairy land.  The sun never really came out to play with us seriously today but did flirt with us a bit.  However that was okay.  It did warm up and we all stripped down to our t-shirts. 

The walk was between 13 and 15 miles.  We came to South Laggan and had to walk along the canal and then a busy road (which was quite stressful when you are exhausted and walking along the narrow side and no one slows down of course) to get to our bed and breakfast, Forest Lodge which is lovely.  Even lovelier for five pounds they will do your laundry. I have been hand washing a lot of stuff but three of us pooled together and we probably got at least one load. 

June gave us all a foot rub which was absolute bliss.

Our B & B is in the middle of nowhere as far as shops, etc. are so they are taking us to a local restaurant and picking us up later so that's nice. 

Lots of stretching again tonight as well as water. I know I will be sore tomorrow morning...I think it is only 8.5 miles was a tough day but not as tough as the last one will be...AND the hills get bigger!!! 

No pictures to post yet as I haven't uploaded since Monday.  But I will post them later....

I guess tomorrow's walk will start with a return trip down that busy highway back to the path...

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