Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Great Glen Way Day 6

I am really behind with my blog - well two days but I am not getting the detail I had wanted to.  It is difficult to keep on top of even keeping a journal with the busy days.  I flop into bed at night exhausted. 

The evening of Day five we dined at the Fiddlers Inn in Drumnadrochit - we had fish and potato soup which was tasty.  We were spread amongst three bed and breakfasts and I was upstairs at the Fiddlers Inn.  It was okay.  I was so exhausted I just sprawled on the bed and watched Elton John in concert on the telly. 

Anyway without going into details we got to Inverness with smiles on our faces...

We then headed to the pub where we got our certificates and had a celebratory drink. (and bowls of lovely broccoli and stilton soup)  We then headed over to our bed and breakfast on Old Edinburgh Road which was lovely.  We made tea and rested for a couple of hours then we walked around the shops a bit before going back to the same pub (not my idea...)for a Sunday roast.

We felt quite proud of ourselves - even though it was not all of the 79 miles we had 'done good'! 

I will write more about the Great Glen Way when I get home.  There is a fine line between spending too much time on the computer when you are on a holiday.  My journal is sadly neglected so hope to work on that tomorrow....
Helloooo  Inverness!!! 

Caledonion Canal near the end of the walk

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