Great Glen Way Day Five

After another yummy breakfast at the Bracarina House in Invermoriston we were on our way.  We almost immediately started a long climb and I mean went on and on.  Once we got up there we kept going up and down and up and down..get the picture?  The views were stunning. We were so lucky with the weather but as usual in Scotland it was changeable and clothes were coming on and off constantly.   14 long miles of up and down...we were all tired but I must admit I was a bit of a bitch on wheels at the end as both feet hurt, both knees hurt and my right hip hurt. 

We did something out of the normal walking day and stopped along the way and had a cup of tea at a bed and breakfast.  It was strange as the path felt so remote yet at times we were a stones throw away from the busy highway along the banks of Loch Ness. 

However what a beautiful walk.....  through the forest and along the top of the mountain surrounded by heather with gorgeous views of Loch Ness, along a country lane with sheep and cows in the fields...marvellous!  But I was damn glad when it was over! The kicker was that we stopped at the pub in what we thought was our final destination of Drumnadrochit and had a drink (to show you how tired I was I had a coke and not my usual glass of wine).  We walk out expecting to find the Village Green around the corner and we are in the wrong damn village! We were in Lewiston.  Luckily the village was just a short walk down the road but none of us were too amused.

Here are some of the highlights....

Getting ready for the walk

We stopped and had tea along the route -a  nice break and we were served by this gentleman. I accidentally locked myself in their toilet but let's not talk about THAT!!!

Tons of heather everywhere

What a view!

Another view of Loch Ness

Are you nuts lady?

Getting near the end

Oh boy were we happy to see this sign