Friday, September 13, 2013

Great Glen Way day four

Well today was "only" 8 miles.  Piece of cake!!  After another Scottish brekky we started our ascent out of Fort Augustus.  As luck would have it our b an b was right on the trail so out the door and turn left.  The ascent was hard but we did it and there were a few ups and downs that were kind of a pain in the a** at times.  Some nice view of Loch Ness and walking on a logging road.  It then turned into a smaller path and we followed that down into Invermoriston. 

I must mention the fact that long distance walkers are almost their own community and we keep running into the same walkers.  A couple of fellows from Virginia - probably in their 60's who did the West Highland Way and decided to add on the Great Glen Way.  We just ran into them at dinner again tonight!  Also a couple from Australia and a couple from New Zealand who we always chat with and two young fellows from London. 

Today we also met a fellow heading to Fort William who was from Nanibia. 

It is such an awesome way to travel and we are all having fun - sure there are tough times now and again but we do have a lot of laughs and are constantly amazed by what we see.  And meeting the people is the very best thing. 

Upon arrival into Invermoristion we saw the Telford Bridge which was lovely and then we caught a bus to Urquhart Castle which I will talk about at a different time as I haven't uploaded my pictures yet.  Too tired - sorry!!

We had a nice dinner and now I am relaxing in my room. 

A big day tomorrow - 14 miles and it is the most challenging yet.  We are up for it!!! 

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