Two Macca zapped crazies take on Southern Saskatchewan and other shenanigans

Wellthe  last post covered the for the next few days!!  After the concert Pat and I walked back to my place via the Hotel Saskatchewan.  There were a crowd of people walking and so we cut through Victoria Park. (not recommended at night)  We were chatting quite loudly and got yelled at by a homeless person sleeping on a bench.  Oops - sorry!  We hung out in the lobby of the Hotel Sask as there were a couple of fellows playing Beatles/Paul songs on the piano and guitars.  It was great fun and we sung along.  It just seemed sad to have the magical night end but alas it did and we walked home.  Bizarro...WALKING HOME AFTER A PAUL CONCERT.  Now that's a first!!! 

The next day I had to work - BUMMER.  I must admit I wasn't much use as I was so tired and Paul zapped. After work we went for Vietnamese food and came back to my apartment and June came over later for drinks on the balcony.  We talked about travel - turns out Pat will be in Santiago when June and the gang come in from their 100 mile walk.  

Back to work the next day...ugh.  Oh well it pays for my fun.  Oh I l mean I love my job I love my job!! I live and dream about my job.  (in case the boss reads this) 

I picked up a rental car after I got off work at 1 and off we sailed to Moose Jaw. (with a lunch stop at Five Guys burgers before we left town)   I showed Pat the area we walk around in the Wakamow Valley.  Of course we had to sit and pose on the ceramic turtle.

The turtle is the neatest thing - ceramics all over the turtle done by local school children.  Very cool.

Then on we went to the spa and had a soak in the mineral spa.  It hit the spot for Pat who was having problems with her knee.  I enjoyed it but found it a bit hot so sat out for most of it.  I prefer it on a cold winter's day! 

I then took Pat for a bit of a drive around to see the murals that Moose Jaw is famous for. 

We stopped off to say hi to Mac the Moose before we left town...

I've got an even better  one of Mac but this is a family blog - oh hell no it isn't - here it is!!!

Sadly it had clouded up so couldn't take Pat up Goose Hill for the spectacular sunset view.

Saturday it was out to Regina Beach to do the walk from Lumsden Beach to Regina Beach with my walking group.   The soak in the mineral pool had really helped Pat's knee so she was able to walk 8.5 km.  We then had lunch at the Bluebird Cafe.

Back to Regina and we decided to wander over to the Hotel Saskatchewan.  I had been to the Royal Suite a few times - on tours and once for an event.  Anyway I asked if we could do a tour and sure enough it was vacant so off we went with a very young (and cute) bellhop.  He showed us around and innocently said "I think Paul McCartney stayed here".  Well duh...we knew that - that's why we were there but of course we tried to be discreet.  I think he clued in when we asked if we could sit on the bed...he hesitated and then said sure as long as we didn't disturb the sheets. (yeah like we were going to jump on and roll around on it...well on second thought...)  So we perched on the side and had our picture taken.  I'm not sure if we amused him or frightened him!!

That evening we watched...what else..Paul videos and visited.  Next morning we went to the park and to the waterfowl park to feed all the geese and ducks. All too soon it was time for my Paul buddy to head off back to Buffalo......what an amazing few days it was.  Back to reality with a bang....but not for long.............