Friday, September 27, 2013

Taking a breather

This morning I have done my laundry - oh what a good feeling to have clean clothes.  My room looks like a Chinese laundry as so much of my stuff is technical material.  And I have been making a fuss over an adorable little terrior named Bonnie.

I decided to sit in the conservatory of my bed and breakfast.  As I sit here I know the sea is just a few yards away even if I can't see it due to things like a bowling club, etc. in the way!!!  Never fear; I shall be out and about this afternoon.  My friend Claudia is coming to get me at noon and we will walk over to Sovereign Harbour for the afternoon.  Tonight is a double Corrie and a total repack of my suitcase.  I am such a night owl - ha!  I love my little room but haven't been sleeping well for some reason.  While I am not really under the weather I am starting to feel the effects of three weeks of nonstop activity.

Yesterday was superb.  Claudia and I took the bus to Seven Sisters Country Park and walked up and down all Seven Sisters.  The weather was great and it just felt wonderful to be alive and I was so grateful I am able to do things like this - physically and financially.  We had planned to walk as far as Beachy Head but found out no public bus back into Eastbourne so off we went again.  We kind of got misplaced on the South Downs Way and ended up on another path.  It involved steep steps down so Claudia had to help me as my knees were so darn tired and giving me grief by then.   That was the most difficult part of the walk for me aside from one or two of those "sisters". (we gave them names like Brunhilde and Augusta)  Everyone walking was so friendly and happy - absolutely loved it.

We stopped at Birling Gap for our picnic - bought teas and sat outside - I of course had picked up a prawn and mayonnaise sandwich from Marks and Sparks.  Is there any other kind? 

I had "done" the Seven Sisters in 1997 but walked from Beachy Head to the Seven Sisters Park the other way and I'd advise anyone doing it to do it that way (if you are just doing that and not the entire South Downs Way) as the wind was in our face. 

Here are some photos in the order of the walk:

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