Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello from last...

Well I haven't been posting since I got to London for a variety of reasons...the wifi here is very touch and go.  It works most of the time on my phone...on my netbook it was off since yesterday and hoping if I don't breathe too hard I can get this short post out.

I guess my time in London has been a lesson in going with "what is".  (as my meditation teacher would say) I had an intense 8 days of walking and activities planned and my plans have gone out the window.  I haven't been feeling well at all  - a nasty cold and wonky stomach have put long walks on the sidelines.  I am still going out but I move very slowly. At times unbearably slow.  I think what is annoying me most is that all the fitness I built up in Scotland and the Cotswolds is going out the window.  It is a week tomorrow since I had my last long walk and my body feels like it was six months ago.

So to be honest I did not want to blog as it would have been too negative.  Today was a particularly bad day on a few other levels as well that I won't go into. 

So I have been to St James Park, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace (loved it! - all renovated since I was there last) amongst other places.  I had planned to walk in Richmond today and go to Windsor and walk and tour the castle tomorrow. Ha ha ha.  Although to be honest I have had my fill of castles for this trip anyway....

The weather has been mild and good...rain predicted today but it didn't amount to much. 

Sorry I can't post photos as the wifi connection is too weak. 

I also learned just before I got here that Simon, the owner of the bed and breakfast passed away a month ago.  I was in shock the entire train trip here.  That is a whole other story though...but let's just say my mood has been a bit dark these past few days. 

I am not feelin' the love for London this time's not you London, it's me....hopefully some of the magic will come back when my tummy settles down and I don't feel like I am going to be sick every waking moment.  Hey, maybe I will lose some weight out of this as the pain is horrible after I eat I try to avoid it but I know I need nourishment...

I will blog again once I feel physically and mentally better.  I still have four full days here and I sure hope I can put them to good use. 

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