Hi from Iceland

Oh Iceland, I think I have a crush on you and we just met a few hours ago!  There is such a familiarity about this place yet strangely different as well.  The first thing that struck me was how it reminded me of northern Canadian towns...Iqualuit and Inuvik spring to mind yet not exactly...Denmark pops in there as does Germany of all places and let's put St Johns, Nfld in too. (must be the bright houses!)  Anyway I do like it.

I am ahead of myself however....this morning I opted for the cooked breakfast and Christine did a find job..almost as good as Simon!  Rosie gave me a hug goodbye - it is like saying goodbye to a friend.  I think I will upgrade to a room with a bathroom next time and Rosie said she would give me a deal.  It's only 8 more pounds a night with loads more room, a double bed besides my private bathroom.  I won't have the lovely view of the park but it is at the back and I won't disturb anyone with my snoring either!!!  I am not finding the bed in the little room (called the Leprechan room) that comfortable anymore as much as I do love that little room.  Anyway I decided I could not face dragging my suitcase on the tube in Monday morning rush hour so I booked a taxi to Heathrow.  Not cheap but totally worth it - guess taking a taxi to the airport is getting to be a habit.  Normally I leave on a Sunday and can get there in no time flat but traffic was crazy being a Monday.  Oh well I had left lots of time. 

The flight left late due to there being fog at Heathrow earlier in the day and flights not getting out on time.  Then the flight attendant forgot our row - we finally got his attention.  Anyway I had wanted an Icelandic donut - sadly the person beside me got the last one so settled for a piece of traditional Icelandic cake - like our matrimonial cake.  There is generally a cost but because we had to wait the cake was "on the house"  Works for me!!! (says she who springs for a taxi to the airport but is delighted at saving 3 Euros for a piece of cake!!) 

I got money out of the ATM at the airport and went to book my fly bus ticket and hoped to get tickets for my voucher for the tours.  Well sadly she would not give them to me as I had mistakenly thrown my print out in the recycling (let's not talk about THAT) and would not take the numbers off my iphone.  Anyhoo...I did get the Fly Bus and we changed buses at the station.  I was able to run in to the ticket office there and they happily printed me off the tickets I need.  So nice of him.  Anyway off I got on the smaller van and got dropped off at the Marina Hotel.  It is very posh but sure doesn't look like it from the outside.   I asked inside and they directed me and I got to Michaels. (he had told me to get the bus to that point)

It was just up one block - well not even a proper block - the roads are tiny.  Anyway I rang the buzzer a couple of times and no answer so looked into the window and the back door was open - looked around and he and Rosa, his Icelandic Sheep dog were in the yard.  So he showed me in and I have a small room but much bigger than Simon's.  It is comfy and much cheaper than a hotel and I am right by the harbour.

I was feeling pretty hungry so he told me a few places to eat and I opted for the Seabaron.  It is the original café on the  harbour and it looks like it on the inside.  Stools that are falling apart with two long wooden tables.  I ordered the lobster soup and there is also the option of fresh fish kebobs - you select the kebob raw and they grill it for you.  I may have to try that next.  Anyway the soup was yummy delish - big hunks of lobster in a creamy sauce with peppers, celery and onions.  Oh my....I just might have to have that again.   It came with fresh bread as well.

  Before I ate I took some photos of the harbour area...

From there I walked over to the 24 hour grocery store and picked up yogurt and bananas for the mornings I have to be out early for tours.  It is always fun grocery shopping in a different country.  I tried not to cringe at the prices.  I am scared to do a conversion but what can you...Iceland is an expensive country.  Michael is really good and directed me to more inexpensive (for here) restaurants and grocery stores. 

Tomorrow I am off on a Golden Circle tour - fingers crossed the weather holds...beautiful sunny sky today.  I didn't get here until 3 and by the time I got settled it was nearly 6.  Michael said he saw the Northern Lights when he was walking Rosa last night!  I am off on a Northern Lights tour tomorrow night so fingers crossed!!!