Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Well I am home sweet home....well it's sweet for a little while anyway until I get restless again which as we all know won't be long coming!

I had the kid from hell behind me on the plane from Toronto although at least it wasn't as bad for me as the lady beside me...who had been awake for 24 hours traveling from Venice....the kid was kicking the back of her chair as well as screaming and crying pretty well the whole three hours.  I'd have said something to it's handler if it was kicking my seat.  It would be silent and then he'd give this ear piercing shriek that made us all jump and I nearly emptied my bladder one time - yikes!  Then it would be nonstop for a while, silence and then repeat all over again. When I reached up to get my very heavy backpack at the end of the flight  I briefly considered giving him something to really cry about but decided I had better not. By that time it was very tempting - I was gritting my teeth as I think we all were.  The flight was packed and the kid had it's own seat so obviously over two years old.  I hope his parents reconsider flying again for a while (as if!) as it obviously doesn't agree with him.

I must say doing the Iceland/Toronto stop off thing sure alleviated the jetlag.  While I am tired it was never the all consuming exhaustion I suffered on previous trips back from afar. 

I'd like to say something profound about the trip but am too tried to write eloquently.  I do have lots to say however so check back as I will be going into detail about places.  My blogging for this trip has been dismal but between tiredness from walking all day and being ill in London it wasn't the most ideal circumstances. 

However it was an amazing trip. I loved it...beautiful walks, wonderful time with friends, revisiting places I love...the being sick in London bit kind of sucked but oh well - not the first time it's happened and probably not the last.  I can't wait to look at my pictures on the big screen and start editing and decide which ones to print. (Am aiming for about 350 to 400 out of 3500 to 4000 of them - haven't done the final count)   Yes I am old school and still print picture and make up albums. (guess that's why they are taking over my apartment...) Somehow having my pictures sit on a computer doesn't make the trip real somehow but I know a lot of people post them on Facebook and that's it.  However as my much loved grandma used to say "everyone to their own fancy said the old woman as she kissed her cow".  As much as I love this electronic age I like paper as well.  Which is why my ereader will be shoved into a drawer until my next traveling adventure.  I like to read real books! 

Next up...laundry, an attempt (I said an attempt..) at trying to unpack the rest of the sh*t in my suitcase and then a 75 minute massage this afternoon.  Oh bliss....

Once the pictures are uploaded to my computer the posts will be coming...

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