Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rambling around Reykjavik

While I loved Iceland I had a particular soft spot for it's capital city of Reykjavik.  It is a quirky city of approximately 200,000 which coincidentally is the same size as the city I live in.

Follow in my footsteps as I walked around the city on Wednesday October 9th...

First we have to say goodbye to Rosie the Icelandic sheep dog (don't worry, you will see more of her later!)  who is sitting on the living room table....when her daddy is gone she sits there...I found out later she isn't supposed to do this.  She can, however sit on the window sill and look out at everyone.  Dogs and cats get a right seeing off but humans are fine!!!

I stayed in the flat on the ground floor of this building

Looking back towards the flat - very quiet road.

I always have to take license plate pictures! 

Loved this - as someone pointed looks like a Banksy (famous London graffiti artist)

Here we are strolling past Tjornin - the lake in the city centre.

Thought this was pretty cool....

Then onto the Hallgrimskirkja which is the sixth highest structure in Iceland and it dominates the Reykjavik skyline.  It was completed in 1986.  The view from the top (with an elevator thank goodness!) is outstanding as you will soon see...that's Leif Erikson in front. 

The interior is quite stark but the organ is playing and it is absolutely amazing.  Wow.  As you can see the view from the tower is fantastic.   I love the colours!!!

Then we are off to the coast line which is a just a fifteen minute walk is a beautiful sculpture of a viking ship...Sun Voyageur

Next up...a stroll down the main shopping street and let's get some coffee and a piece of Icelandic cake...

I must say it's delicious...

Now revived let's head off again...

 No time to visit here I'm afraid - next time!!!  Two days in Reykjavik next visit!
Domkirkjan (another cathedral)  both Lutheran

Next stop the Settlement Museum.  This is built around the remains of a long house from approximately 871. (how they came up with that number I have no idea)  I have one word...VIKINGS!!!  I am a bit obsessed with the Viking period.   For me it was fascinating to visit this and see remnants of a home.

So many museums in Reykjavik that I wanted to visit but not enough time. 

Now it's back to the beautiful harbour and to the Seabaron restaurant for a cod kebob.  Num num!!! 

Then it's back to our airbnb rental to say hello to our friend Rosa!  (who is still sitting on the forbidden table)  Hope you enjoyed walking around Reykavik with me! 

"Well you're back...what took you so long"? 

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