Wednesday, October 30, 2013

St James Park

It's no secret that I love London...heck I am in love with London...when someone asks me my favourite place in the world I answer "London" with absolutely no hesitation.  I wasn't feeling the intense love this time around due to not feeling well at all  - but that's happened before (1999/2000 springs to mind immediately - that involved a hospital visit) and the love still goes on.  As I mentioned in a previous post I did feel the love again when I walked on to Waterloo Bridge at sunset and the heart went pitter patter....

My favourite part of London is ironically the most touristy part.  I love the area around St James Park and Trafalgar Square.  St James Park is the first place I make a beeline to - then I know I'm in London.  I find myself drawn to the area numerous times during the trip...I've had more than my share of "cuppas" at Cafe in the Crypt in St Martins-in-the-Field church.

So here is my post paying homage to one of my very favourite places to be in the world...a place I never grow tired of and one I could spend hours at - just sitting on a bench on a fine day watching life go by.

St James Park was established as a park in 1603 so it's been around a very long time.  It's bordered on one end by Buckingham Palace and the other end by the Palace of Whitehall complete with horseguards.  Along it's sides are Threadneedle street and the other St James Palace. 

St James Park has a lot of waterfowl of all types

Pelican yoga

Brightly decorated lawn chairs - you don't see these in the winter!

Now that the pigeons have been "kicked out" of Trafalgar Square  St James Park is one of their favourite haunts

Glimpses of Whitehall and the London Eye

Whitehall Palace from the bridge

I could sit on one of these benches for ages

The waterfowl aren't adverse to any food either....this was taken in the winter...St James Park is a joy year round.

Buckingham Palace from the bridge

One of St James Parks four legged residents

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