Monday, October 21, 2013

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is probably one of the most popular if not THE most popular tourist attraction in Iceland.  I have heard about it for years now and it was definitely on my list of things to do in Iceland.  I even threw in my bathing suit so I could visit. (you can rent a bathing suit but ewwww....) The lagoon is a man-made lagoon on a lava field which is fed by the water output of a nearby geonthermal plant and is renewed every 2 days.

I decided to go to the Blue Lagoon on my way to the airport for my flight back to is just a twenty minute drive from Keflavik airport and on a direct route 40 minutes from Reykjavik.  They would store my luggage for me in the bus while I was there so no worries on having to drag my suitcase around with me. 

Admission was 35 Euros (which was strange as Icelanders use the kroner but this was done in Euros) or 60 Euros for a towel and robe.  You got a coded bracelet which you wore which gave you unlimited access to a good sized locker and also let you charge extras as your credit card was programmed to it.  Dozer here had forgotten my towel so I had to go for the 60 Euro package.  Must admit the robe came in handy until somehow I got it soaking I did that is a mystery and this was before I even got into the pool.  Sometimes I really amaze myself. 

Finally I got out to the was a cold very windy day and I could not get in to that water quickly enough.  The water ranged from lukewarm to fairly hot.  We all tried to find the hot places!!  They had containers of mud to put on your body which I did.   Most of the people in the pool had white masks on their faces! Check this one out - we all looked like mimes!

One thing I did not agree with was people being able to drink beer (with no lids) in the pool.  I got a fruit smoothie which had a lid and even then I was worried about dropping it.  I did spend a bit extra and get a mud pack for my face. Sadly it didn't make me beautiful....sigh...

I stayed in the water for an hour which is all I could stand but it left me thinking "meh....".  I did it but will never do it again....I've been to mineral pools before and with the exception of this being totally outdoors and the water a pretty shade of turquoise blue it was nothing special for me.

I had to have yet another shower so decided to shampoo my hair as well with the body products they had there.    

So that's my experience at the Blue Lagoon - probably the only thing in Iceland that disappointed me.

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