Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rye and Winchelsea

On Wednesday September 25th my friend Judi and myself met at the railway station in Eastbourne and took the train to Rye.  I hadn't been to Rye since 1981 - a long time ago!

So off we went to explore the town....Rye is one of the famous cinque ports.  It was once surrounded by sea and played an important role in the defence of southern England.  Now the river flows one and a half miles to the sea.  Rye is the setting for many period films...especially the cobblestones of Mermaid St. 

So come along with us while we meander around the ancient town of Rye...we headed for Mermaid St. which is what Rye is most known for...

Mermaid Street

Mermaid Inn

Love this!

St Mary's church

St Mary's church yard - more than 900 years old.  Sometimes called "The cathedral of East Sussex". 

Now it's time to head off to Winchelsea which is another one of the cinque ports and a little gem as well. 

The Church of St Thomas the Martyr

I fell in love with this church...I am NOT religious and it had no meaning to me beyond how absolutely beautiful it was.

I loved this! 

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