Saturday, January 25, 2014

Exploring Jackson

Finally, the day came - I was set free once again!!  Off to the airport early which was a good thing...the United agent had a heck of a time checking me in. (I was unable to check in online the day before)  Good old United had changed my ticket so many times she had to do it the "old" way - whatever that was....15 minutes later...the people behind me were not amused. 

I had big misgivings about this trip down south and turns out they were a bit justified - although it could have been much worse.  Many flights were being cancelled however I was lucky and mine were just delayed.  Freezing rain that morning in Houston meant flights were delayed going in and out - and being as I was going in and out of Houston...well just leave that up to your imagination.

By the time I arrived in Jackson I was exhausted. So exhausted I saw a carousel with luggage going around and assumed it was my flight.  I picked up a suitcase that I was sure was mine - then I realized it had no luggage tag and while the colour was the same the material wasn't.  To be sure I carefully opened a side zipper and saw suntan lotion -nope!  So I carefully put it back on the carousel and hoped the owner of it wasn't watching me.  A very cringe worthy moment.  I crept over to the next carousel and a few minutes later my flight's luggage came out and there it was.  It was very strange though as I have a distinctive looking small duffle bag and have never seen another one like it.   Had a very expensive taxi ride into downtown Jackson however once I got to the hotel I got a free upgrade to a suite.  What a treat!  It is beautiful -I am staying in an old gracious southern hotel.  24 rooms but only 8 rooms booked this weekend.  Needless to say I crashed when I got to the room. 

This morning I enjoyed the complimentary home made breakfast...scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese grits, biscuits, tomato gravy, porridge, fruit salad, fresh cinnamon buns and of course coffee and juice.  Oh dear my mouth is watering thinking about tomorrow morning....

With a full tummy I headed off to do the 10km walk (which I knew would be more than 10 km) - walking through the downtown area and around the State Capital building.

Unfortunately I couldn't visit as it is only open Monday through Friday so that was a bit disappointing as I always like to visit the provincial/state capital buildings I travel to see. 

I carried on up State St. enjoying all the beautiful old homes - some only a shadow of their former glory.  I then saw the famous Fairview Inn and walked through the Belhaven area which is featured in the movie "The Help" which is set in Jackson. 

I then walked over the interstate bridge and along a busy road ) to get to the museum where the walk information was.  The local contact for the walk had been kind enough to mail the walk instructions to me but I needed to get that Mississippi stamp in my walk book. I then paid the fee to tour the museum which shocked the young fellow at the desk as he said walkers rarely tour the museum.  I enjoyed the displays and then explored the outdoor exhibits as well...typical General store, church, school house - the typical places they feature.  It was only five dollars so worth exploring it and it's the least I could do as they are good to host the walk box.

I thought this was rather interesting

The reason for having to walk along the roads was that this was one of those walks where you check in at one point and start the walk at another.  Well yours truly does not have a car so has to use "shank's pony" as they say.  I briefly thought about taking a taxi back to a place I could walk but I was still smarting from the $40 taxi fare the night before.  Back along the same route...boring...until I got back to Belhaven.  I had printed off a walking tour of "The Help" areas so I followed a bit of it.  And guess what is on TV here while I am typing this..."The Help"!  I stopped off and had a burger at Basil's, which is very casual dining as I was getting quite hungry.  I knew there wasn't any place near me that was open.  Jackson's downtown is not too lively on weekends. 

Then on to the Old Capital Museum which is housed in the Old State Capital Building which was the state capital from 1839 to 1903.  It was fairly interesting and the price was right - free. 

Back to the hotel where I took advantage of the free wine and cheese at 5 p.m. - turned out to be supper!!  That and the chocolates put on my pillow. :) 

It was a full day but a fun one.  Would I come back to Jackson?  I doubt it very much - I came to do the state capital walk and that was it - but I have enjoyed my time here.

Tomorrow morning I plan to have a leisurely breakfast and enjoy my suite.  Then at 1 p.m. it's off to Biloxi and the Gulf Coast on the good old Greyhound.  This misplaced Ocean Child is very excited!

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