Sunday, February 2, 2014

Got the medal!

It's been a whirlwind of activity here in New Orleans and I haven't had time to blog.  I finally got a very expensive shuttle but let's not talk about that....we are in our cozy little shotgun house in the 7th ward and we love it.  Drinks and sing-a-longs at Pat O'Brian's bar, a cemetery tour, wandering around the French Quarter, exploring the Garden District and trying that delicious New Orleans food.  I have lots to talk about that's for sure.  Look for future posts.  New Orleans never disappoints...

This morning we walked the half marathon. The music was fantastic, the actual course...not so great.  I think if I see the non elegant part of St Charles Avenue again it will be too soon... Let's not talk about my feet right now okay?  After over a year hiatus from half marathons I am back in the game.  The medal has beads instead of a ribbon and is pretty cool.  We are heading off for a  celebration dinner soon (complete with dessert)  but for now we are relaxing and drinking wine.  Our sweet host Miriam drove us to the start point of the half today so we are going to take her out for a meal tomorrow night as a way of thanking her.  We got a taxi back because I could not face walking back...yes I was whining and bitching as my feet were not happy and let me know it.  On the way out of City Park there was a gal doing massages for a dollar a minute so I got a quick five minute job on my neck.  I have to watch my posture when walking long distances as I got a horrible pain in my neck.  All better now.

Tomorrow we have to stroke some more stuff  off on our "to do" list and then it's home for June and on to New York City (woo hoo!) for me.  I certainly hope there are no more winter storms...I've had my fill....MORE on that later!!!

Walked through misty rain and rather boring scenery but got the medal - it's all about the hardware!

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