Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Exploring Grouse Mountain

On my recent trip to Vancouver my friend Julie and I visited Grouse Mountain which is in North Vancouver.  Due to rain forecast every day (which didn't happen...yay!) we saw a window of sunshine on our first day together in Vancouver so decided to "do the mountain" first.   I don't think I had been there since the 80's and boy has it changed.  To make life easier we purchased the Alpine Experience which enabled us to get a shuttle bus direct to the mountain from downtown.

The ride on the cable car up the mountain was smooth and it was a good size.  We got some great views.

We saw all sorts of beautiful chainsaw sculptures on the way up the trail towards the mountain's attractions.

As you can see there was still snow on top of the mountain which meant we couldn't wander as far as we would be able to in the summer.  Still...it was lovely up there.

We then stopped in to see the grizzlies...more on them later... our pass included a ride on the chair lift.  Something I don't think I've done since I was a child...it's been a long time anyway.  I have never downhill skied - it's has never been one of my ambitions in life so I never bothered.  I prefer more inexpensive sports - like my own two feet!

The Eye of the Wind - it cost an extra $15 to visit so we declined.

Must admit I was a bit nervous getting on and off but it was fine!

Now you get to meet Grinder and Coola!  Both are bears that were rescued as cubs in 2001 and now make Grouse Mountain their home. Due to being so young when they were rescued they would never be able to cope on their own in the wild and as they are not afraid of humans...well not a good thing for bears... Grinder was found wandering along a logging road in British Columbia dehydrated and weighing only 4.5 kg.  His mother was never found so they will never know why he was alone.  Even though he is smaller than Coola he is the dominant bear.  Coola was orphaned when his mother was struck and killed by a truck.  Coola had two siblings but he was the only one to survive.  He is an easy going bear and lets Grinder take the lead.

Grinder grinding on a carrot. Their diet is supplemented with veggies.

Coola likes to stay cool and spends a lot of time in their pool!
All too soon it was time to say goodbye to "the boys" and the beautiful mountain (after sharing a Beaver Tail which is a delicious combo of hot fried pastry and sugar/cinnamon in yes, the shape of a beaver tail)  and head back down on the tram...next destination Capilano Suspension Bridge park....

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