Thursday, May 1, 2014

The magic of Cape Mary's Ecological Reserve

On a 48 hour trip (I was in Halifax and got a kick ass seat sale there so could not resist!) to St Johns Newfoundland in  late May 2010 I took a day trip down to Cape Marys Ecological Reserve which was arranged through the hostel I was staying at.  This rookery for northern sea birds is the most accessible in North America and Bird Rock is the third largest nesting site and the most southern of colonies of northern gannets. Indeed, it is one of the most spectacular seabird rookeries in the world.  I had been in the area in 2008 but was too lazy to drive that it turned out just as well as the weather was not that great - I am so glad I waited and had this very special day.   I was SO  lucky - the weather was chilly but glorious and sunny.  I can't describe the feeling of sitting on a rock overlooking the sparkling waters of Placentia Bay, watching the beautiful gannets swooping all around me and being in awe of the absolute beauty of the area.  As long as I still have my mind it will be one of my fondest memories - absolute magic!!!  I didn't want to leave. 

So come along with me (and don't stand near the cliff edge - that wind is pretty strong!) and imagine the strong North Atlantic wind blowing through your hair, the salty smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and the shrill cry of the gannets ..if you don't like birds...well maybe you had better stay in the visitor centre!


Cape St Mary's is a two hour drive south of St Johns and well worth the trip.  

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June Bates said...

It looks wonderful, Laurie. It reminds me of the time when Bryce and I walked along some grassy narrow clifftops to sit and watch puffins. This was right near Elliston, Nfld. I hope to take my group there next month!
I know what you mean about the wind and salty air and the feeling of being alone with the birds. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and amazing life!!

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