Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whizzing through

Well kind of....had a fantastic weekend in Vancouver.  Rain was predicted every day but we didn't see any - sun, sun and did I say sun?  I came home with a sunburn!  We explored Grouse Mountain, the Capilano bridge area, took a day trip on the ferry over to Bowen Island, said hi to the creatures at the Vancouver Aquarium and took in the Granville Market followed by a long stroll around the seawall in Stanley Park.  It was truly a fantastic weekend.  Oh and lots of good food as well....

Back late last night, work today, laundry and unpacking (sort of) for the rest of the week and then Saskatoon this weekend for a half marathon (eek!!) ....need I add it's all go.  I may get to work on my blog early next week, we shall see.

Oh and yes, let's not forget a week from tomorrow I head west to Banff for five days.  After sitting at home for three months (a long time for me) it is nonstop for a few weeks.  I am loving it!  However I do know my physical limitations so I am trying to have R and R in between.  I am a bit of a gad about but I do like my down times as well and I think my body is saying "down girl!"

So I'm off to bed but here's a bit of a teaser until I start telling you all about my adventures in Vancouver...

Wally says hi

This guy says please drop back to the blog next week and we can really get close and personal.

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