Thursday, June 12, 2014

A fun day out on Bowen Island

The next day after Grouse Mountain Julie wanted to visit a nearby island and Bowen Island seemed the ideal fit.  Bowen Island is a small island of 20 square miles and with approximately 3300 residents.  It lies 25 km north west of Vancouver - a twenty minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay.   We took the express bus #257 to Horseshoe Bay and just made the 9 a.m. sailing. ($12 dollars which covers both ways - you pay going over)

I love the cloud covered mountains and ocean views on the way over.

Almost there!  Need I add that we stayed on the open deck the whole way over?  

We're here!  And we got to unload before the cars!!!

First things first and it was time to get some breakfast...

The Snug Cafe - my kind of place! Doggie central on a lovely sunny day and a wonderful place I am sure to sit inside on a rainy day. 

Ham, cheese and egg on a croissant

Lots of goodies and freshly cooked meals.
Fully sated we headed off on the bus to Killarney Lake ...there are a couple of small buses that service the island. We then walked back to Snug Harbour through the forest - only about a half hour walk. 

Beautiful Killarney Lake

We headed off on this path - wonderful! 
Not what you see walking through the forest every day - donkeys!  On their way to a festival...more on that later.  Later that day we saw the donkeys crossing the road with flowers around their ears.  No time for a photo op though!

Pretty little waterfall into Killarney Creek

When we arrived back into town we found out the Green Man festival was taking place in front of the "castle" (the library - being a total library nerd I had to visit it - wonderful!) - the battle between Green Man (summer) and the Ice Queen (winter).  Both were accompanied by their tiny "buds" and "Icicles".  It was the first Green Man festival on Bowen so we were so very lucky to be able to enjoy it.  After the battle (the Green Man won of course) a dance followed around the Maypole.  Delightful!!!  I found out later that participants included the Bowen Black Sheep Morris Dancers!!!  So much fun!!!

Looks like the Snow Queen is winning there - well let's face it winter IS a bitch - but not to worry...the Green Man won!!! 

The triumphant  Green Man
Setting up for the May Pole dance

Black Sheep Morris dancers

May Pole dance

 I didn't take as many photos as usual as I was busy using the video on my small point and shoot camera.  The festival was fun and made the day even more special.  There was entertainment in a nearby park afterwards but we had other things to do - one regret - missing the donkeys with flowers in their ears. (I LOVE donkeys!)

After an ice cream we then headed off on the Blue Water bus (same bus driver) to the West beaches.  However due to the schedule we could not get off as the next bus was not due back for two hours - so just went for the ride.  No view of the beaches.   We did have the driver drop us off at the Artisan Square which is a series of "artsy" shops.  And a sweet looking cafe  (I love unique coffee shops)  - however we knew we were going to be having fish and chips soon so didn't indulge.  I was proud of myself - walked into a chocolate shop and walked back out empty handed!!!  Neither Julie nor I are big shoppers and this year is a "needs not wants" year so I resisted.  We could not resist getting a photo of this gorgeous girl though!!!  I have to say I think Julie is crazier over dogs than I am and believe that is saying something!!!

I think she had been up to some naughty stuff!

  We then walked back down the hill stopping to admire the home made bird houses hanging on trees.  We stopped at a coffee roasters so I could buy a pound of beans.  Buying locally roasted coffee beans while traveling is one of my "things".  I also have the same "thing" about tea but I am on a ten step recovery program for that being as I have enough tea in my cupboards to start my own shop. (and I am proud to say I resisted buying any even if there was a Murchies tea shop in Vancouver!)   It doesn't clutter up my small apartment and I have the pleasure of remembering where I got the beans while I am grinding them and enjoying my morning coffee.

 We then headed down to the boardwalk area - we knew we wanted to have fish and chips so we made a beeline to  Doc Morgan's Pub.  We sat outside on the patio (LOVE that smoking is not allowed on restaurant patios and decks in British Columbia) and well guess what drink I had?  

It was very good...I made some rather vulgar comments to Julie about how much I enjoyed the drink which I won't repeat here!!!

We also enjoyed some good fish and chips - not the best I've ever had but pretty darn good.    

I know I know, fish and chips look like and chips....but indulge me, I like to post photos of my food

 There was still time until the ferry so we found out we could easily walk to an area to see our ferry come in and there was a pretty view.  So off we went.  Poor Julie - I think I wore her out that weekend with all the walking but I figured it was good training for the tour of the Rockies she was about to embark on. 

Have I convinced you to visit Bowen Island yet?

All too soon our ferry was there to whisk us back to Horseshoe Bay.   I hope you enjoyed visiting Bowen Island with me - it is definitely on my "must return" list when I next visit Vancouver. 

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