Sunday, June 29, 2014

Exploring some of Banff's eye candy

While at the CVF convention in Banff we did several walks however for the blog I am going to combine a couple we did to showcase the highlights of the town site. One was done Friday morning and the other - with a huge group - on Saturday morning.   As I mentioned in a previous post we were so very very lucky with the weather - it can be a real downer when it rains in the mountains. 

So here we go off to explore the townsite and see the famous Banff Springs Hotel, Bow Falls and a surprise or two! 

We started off on the multipurpose path that runs along side the Bow River - conveniently right behind the hotel we stayed at - the Bow View Lodge

It's not every day you get piped off on a walk!

First surprise - an elk!!  They are a common sight around town.

The beautiful Banff Springs hotel
Crossing the Bow River
View from the Bridge - not a bad view anywhere in this town!
Bow Falls - it's not exactly Niagara Falls but hey, the setting can't be beat

Hanging out around the Banff Springs Hotel - I don't recall ever going in this hotel lobby.  We didn't today - that is the disadvantage of walking in a large group: no freedom to do your own thing. The advantage of walking in large groups -it tends to keep the things that eat you away!

Well hello there cutie, sorry to disturb you while you're eating someone's garden.  Well this used to my home before people came and built their McMansions and silly houses that all look the same and now where can I go?  Touche...keep eating!!!

I hope you enjoyed this walk - we will be going for a few more mountain walks so stay tuned!

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