Sunday, July 20, 2014

A walk to where it all began for Canada's National Parks...

One of our group walks at the CVF convention was a 6 or 10 km walk to Banff Cave and Basin.  This is where it all began.  The hot springs were discovered back in 1883 and Banff became a National Park (the oldest one in Canada) in 1887.  Due to having to attend a meeting that afternoon (boo!)  I opted for the 6 km walk.  What can I say...another beauty of a walk.  There isn't such a thing as "ugly" in Banff - well unless you count (and I do) the construction sites of McMansions in the area. 

So off on another walk....on another stunningly beautiful day.

No time to shop during a group walk - and no time to go back and snoop around in here either!

This was on the side of the building above.

Enlarged picture  on a poster of the endangered Banff Springs snail found in the mineral could barely see them in the water - mere dots!

Banff Cave and Basin Visitor Centre
The original Springs.

Elevated wooden paths took you around the site.

Mineral springs water fall

Not a shabby view from the look out

Viewo of Banff townsite  from Cascade Gardens....the gardens were nothing to see at the end of May after a LONG winter however I am sure they would be fantastic in the summer.

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