Thursday, July 10, 2014

Is this how normal people live?

Well I am back from my long weekend in the U.S. which turned out to be a day longer than was absolutely fabulous and I will be telling stories about it  all summer along with the fun I got up to in Vancouver and Banff - yep still have stories to shaer!   It's hard to blog with an iphone!  I decided to limit my online time - not quite a "digital detox" but as close as I get!  (yes, I am an addict)

No trips planned - big ideas and possibilities floating around but no flights booked...what a strange way to live.  Is this the way normal people live?  Definitely things will be happening soon - BIG things - so will let everyone know when I click that "book" (always a delicious feeling) button on the airline booking site. 

In the meantime keep checking back to go on some more walks and adventures with me!!! 

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