Friday, December 12, 2014

Ice baby ice

Yes, I made it to Iceland and it is icy!  More on that later though.  I got to the airport in loads of time and sat with my last Timmy's for a while reading a book.  My friend Norma and her hubby were flying off to sunny Mexico that morning so once they arrived we had a good visit,  A nice send off, 

The flight from Edmonton was delayed by two hours by the time we took off,  The incoming flight was late for whatever reason as none was given.  And none either for sitting on the plane for another 30 minutes.  We were given a little brochure that stated we would get a special Xmas treat of Xmas cookies and an orange soda/stout drink but when they came by I was told it would be offered later.  I never was offered any.  Icelandic I still love you but didn't understand that.  I was so excited as I love to try traditional things, (as long as they aren't too gross)

Needless to say because we were late landing here most people missed their connecting flights so my bus into the city was full including the cute Rome bound couple who I chatted with in the airport lounge and then sat beside me, (what are the chances of that?).  The London bound passengers were the only ones who lucked out and were whisked through security,  Yep, security,,,,,, this happened last year as well so its standard practice,   Annoying especially if you are flying through,  Very stressful even while on time as most ongoing flights are within 90 minutes, 

At the BSI bus terminal some of us had to get off into the howling wind but luckily we were able to get into the mini van along side without too much delay,  I was dropped at the Snorri guest house which wasn't far.  Due to him not being full I was given a free upgrade to a much larger room on a lower floor.  The large bedroom with king sized bed is self contained with a separate bathroom and shower room outside but still in my own private area,  Bed number one...I wonder how many beds I will sleep in during this adventure? 

It was pitch dark,,, sunrise this time of year does not happen until 11 am or so.  And sunset about 4 p,m,  I can't even imagine living during the winter here.... that is one huge thing about winter I hate.... the darkness. 

I unpacked what I needed and also made myself an instant coffee in the room..desperate times call for desperate measures...

Then I set off for the Phallological museum which alluded me at first so I wandered down Laugavegur which is the longest and most popular shopping street in Reykjavik,  The wind was a force to be reckoned with and the sidewalks are very icy from the usual melt.freeze cycle  at this time of year. 

Side street
I was so cold by this point so I stopped and had a cup of tea and an Icelandic donut. 
Fitting for where I was going next
As I warmed up I consulted my map and was determined to find the museum I was seeking.  And I did!!! 
One of the most bizarre places I have ever visited.  I didn' even take that many pictures. 
Dried whale penis

Another one

 You name the type of creature and it was there.  Yes even human.  It was all interesting but  I think it is somewhere you should visit with a friend for a good giggle.
I then headed over to Hallgrimskirkja, the huge church in the centre of Reykjavik  yes the irony of it I know, talk about one extreme to the other. 

By this time I was cold and hungry so I went into Café Loci which is known for serving local food and ordered lamb soup and home made rye bread with lamb pate.  And another hot cup of tea,  I then headed for home and that's when the fun started as I got a bit misplaced to put it mildly.  After asking a few people I found my way back and had a  hot shower to warm up and an early night.

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