Monday, December 8, 2014

Living the dream...a bit differently

Well things have been pretty quiet on the blog lately but that is soon to change.  I have been busy getting ready for my epic six month trip to the UK and Europe.  It's getting down to the wire now...two more sleeps and I am outta here. Last minute panic is starting to creep in...OMG six months?  What was I thinking?  I wake up early every morning with my mind going 100 mph in different directions.

You have to understand...I am living in the city I was born and raised in...I've never been outside Regina for longer than three months when I lived up in the North West Territories in the early 70's.  For me this is HUGE. 

The dream I have had since I was in my twenties has changed a bit...I used to want to go to England to work..I got the work visa thanks to English grandparents but let's just say it didn't happen and leave it at that. If I have one regret in life not doing it then is it...but I am doing it NOW!  I guess it all worked out in the end....However would I want to work now? Are you kidding me?  No thanks!  . In the 80's  I just wanted to live in a bedsit in London and work and hang out with friends and okay maybe hang around recording studios waiting for Paul McCartney. (if I am being perfectly how I would have worked full time and done this I don't know but hey it was my dream!) Now I want to get to explore as much of London as I can - places I hadn't even heard of back in the 80's.  I want to revisit my favourite places in the UK and explore some new ones.  AND I want to spend some time in Europe.  I will spend about 2/3 (close to four months) of my trip in the UK - the rest will be in such places as Iceland, Portugal, Turkey, Austria and who knows where else.  I will still be spending enough time there to explore at my leisure.  This is my dream after all...My style of travel has changed - I like to take things at a slower pace.  I want to wander around a city/town and take photographs, stop for a cup of coffee, pop into an art gallery  that looks intriguing, sit on a bench and people watch or engage in conversation with someone.  I love discovering new food - anyone who follows me on Facebook knows I am one of those annoying people who posts pictures of their food!  This will be my 26th trip to England so it's not like I don't know what I am getting into!

Some of the highlights coming up in the next six months?  Exploring the museums of Reykjavik, Iceland, going to opening night of "Swan Lake" at the Royal Opera House, discovering Lisbon, seeing The Who at the 02, walking the 180 mile Thames Path, taking a two week adventure tour of Turkey, looking after a dog and cat in North London over the Christmas holidays, hiking the levadas of Madeira...and more...lots more.  

So yes, I am still living the dream but like all things I am not the person I was in the 80's...I like to think I have grown a bit since then...okay I confess outwardly as well as inwardly!  (don't want to get too "New Age" on you)

Stay tuned, it's going to be amazing! 

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Linda Harger said...

I envy you. This is what we want to do in France one of these years. Looking forward to hearing all about your travels. If you happen to run into Paul, send him my love!

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