Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rambling around Reyjkavk again

I am enjoying my time here in Reykjavik even with the short days.  It is interesting to learn the Christmas traditions and see the lights. 

Breakfast here at Snorri's guest house is a choice of cereals then bread, cheese meat, jam, peanut butter, fruit - no chance of going hungry! 

Yesterday I wandered over to Hallgrimskirkja and was able to listen to a renowned organist rehearse for a concert last night,  The organ pipes are magnificent. The concert was free so I could have walked over there last night but decided to stay in after a day of wandering around. 

From there I wandered up the shopping street that leads from the church - popping into book stores.  Icelanders LOVE their books and this time of year many new books are released which has everyone in a frenzy and there are talk shows, radio shows about these new books.  My kind of place!  Iceland has a huge amount of published authors - more per capita than any other part of the world I believe.  And yes I had to buy a book by Iceland's most popular mystery writer.  I look forward to reading it on cold January nights in London with a warm doggie snuggled up beside me. 

Popping into shops I picked up a few gifts but resisted buying much as I know I will be back here in June.   I finally found the Christmas market which wasn't up to much really.  I visited Volcano House and saw two films on... guess what... volcanoes.  Very interesting,  And later I got to explore an exhibit of volcanic ash and rocks.  I will spare you the photos of that.

I then popped by Tjornin which is the "City Pond".  All frozen over except for an area left open for the waterfowl.

Okay..... don't we all feel like this sometime.

My travel companion Monty the greyhound freezing his ads off,

Next up was late lunch/early supper so I started with a hot dog from the most popular place in Iceland..Icelanders love their hot dogs as much as they love their books.... these are made mostly from lamb with a bit of pork and beef.  The sauce was made from ketchup, mustard and mayo.  It may look disgusting but was rather good....

From there I walked past Michael's place where I stayed last year - just for old times sake and to see if I could see a "doggie in the window" but sadly Rosa wasn't there.  I would have stayed there but it was not available for this time period.  Hopefully in June as I certainly prefer the location.

The area around the harbor was particularly icy.  I walked slowly around taking photos - the whale watching ships were out in full force.  Brrrr.....I have seen enough whales that I really have no desire to take any whale watching trips for a while and especially not in the winter. 

In the background former whaling ships

In the background is the concert hall Harp where I will see a Xmas concsrt
I needed a warm up so popped into the Sea Baron for their delicious lobster soup.

You could have whale steak cooked to your liking and no I didn't  - I'd never do that

I then headed back via the shops and picked up some Skyr to have as an evening snack. Skyr is like yogurt but it isn't. It is thicker and so much better.  It's been around for hundreds of years but has been "fancied up" in different flavors now.  Blueberry is a favorite.  Num, num
And then to bed for a really lousy sleep.... ah jet lag....

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