Thursday, January 22, 2015

A 30 year old dream realized

Well here I am on the beautiful island of Madeira - somewhere I have wanted to visit since the 80's.  It's not high on North American radars but it should be... on second thought, no no you don't want to come here.... I don't want it to become too popular you see because to me this is paradise.  The temperature right now is about 17C for a high and then cools off at night. 
Our airbnb home is lovely and the view from the house is spectacular.  It is west of Funchal, the main town and overlooks the ocean and Funchal.    When we arrived the airport bus dropped us off too early and luckily a young fellow walking by helped us out by phoning Jorge who came to pick us up there instead of the bus stop we were supposed to be dropped off at.  Stress!  Once we got here though we were thrilled to bits.  Jorge served us home made soup on our arrival and it was delicious.

Home sweet home for the next week
Oh yes and June brought the type cover for my tablet so I am now in business again.  It feels so good to actually type again.  And this means more blog posts folks.  You don't want to know how long it took for me to "type" on the touch cover and how often I felt like throwing the thing against the wall in frustration.

Last night we walked to a nearby fishing village where we picked up a few groceries and a bit of wine.... we then went for Tapas at a local bar which consisted of espada fish in passion fruit sauce, sardine bruschetta and lappas which is a small version of mussels.  Yum.  We also had a drink that the bar invented called Nikita (after Elton Johns' song) that consists of beer, wine and ice cream and is really quite delicious believe it or not. Don't try creating that at home folks as I think it could be quite scary in the wrong hands.  When we got back Jorge brought us up some tea. 

This fishing village is a 30 minute walk from where we are
Today was a wonderfully busy day but I will tell you about that another time! 

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